Friday, May 1, 2009

debugging sessions, part I

So the first thing I tried for debugging the problem was to write some test code for the fpga that would dump the sram over a serial port after loading the rom from the sd card:

You can see from this screenshot that the actual space invaders rom matches the dump i got back from my cartridge over serial. This means it's probably not a ram problem. That's good, because it means that i didn't wreck the ram while soldering or anything like that.

I suppose this means it's most likely a problem with the side of the circuit that goes to the snes cart. Hmm, needs more debugging...


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  2. I just would like to say that this project of yours is a shining beacon to snes lovers, I hope you work out all the bugs and will be able to retail it, I'm PAL region but hopefully you'll have made it possible for PALs to work too when you're finished

  3. Jesse im from eu. The only differencr will be the cic! :) i will also do most of the beta testing on pal snes' !